North Beach Water Polo Passes The Torch

Dear North Beach Water Polo Friends & Family,

Nine years ago I embarked on a journey from California across the country with great excitement and anticipation about my destination and the opportunity that lie ahead. From coaching water polo at New Trier Township and Evanston Township High School to the vision turned reality of North Beach Water Polo, the experiences, shared success, and life-long friendships along the way are more than I could have ever imagined.  And now, as if a round-trip, I head back to the West Coast for a once in a lifetime career opportunity. I have accepted coaching positions with the Stanford University Water Polo Club Team and Menlo School and will also coach NCAA water polo.  It is a dream trifecta, working alongside world renowned, former National team coaches and players, to gain and share knowledge and experience and elevate the art of the game for all who I coach today and into the future.

There are so many to thank for so much.  First, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you Rick Robb and Rickie Crown for being the driving and sustaining force behind North Beach Water Polo.  Long after the twins were off to college and starting their own successful careers, you stayed the course making certain that a quality water polo program continued to serve not only New Trier families but any individual, from any school who had an interest in playing water polo.  Rick for your tutelage and support on the nuances of running a small business and Rickie for your ever-present care and compassion, my thanks to you both.

To our founding board members, Sharona Palmer, Leslie Farmer Lisa Baneux and Tracey Buchman and long time supporters Chuck Ryan, Sarah Ryan, Diane Krueger and Denise Carr, thank you for your tireless work. Without you NBWP could not have grown into what it is today.  And to the first 12 players to dive in and play ball for NBWP, you paved the way with your energy and enthusiasm for those that would follow.  Special thanks to the countless coaches, both staff and volunteers, for your dedication, expertise and unwavering passion. It truly took a team to build NBWP, today over 120 members strong, with participants from 16 area schools, a winning record in Illinois, competitive recognition in California and dozens of members recruited to play NCAA water polo on over 20 collegiate teams.  Thank you for making NBWP a reality, a positive force for all kids in the greater Chicago community and for making me a better coach.

Be assured, the spirit of NBWP and all that it offered to its members for the past 9 years will continue but simply not in name.  After much consultation with NBWP’s board, and in consideration of my departure, we collectively decided to transfer NBWP operations to New Trier Aquatics (NTA).  NBWP will continue to operate through the end of August.  Starting this fall, NTA will then add a water polo program to their team line-up.  Although offered by New Trier Aquatics, participation in the new water polo club will not be limited to New Tier families but continue to be open to all those interested in playing water polo.  NBWP has partnered with Alexis Keto, NTA Chief Executive Officer, to facilitate a smooth transition and to ensure the same quality programing offered by NBWP will continue with dedicated staff and resources and unique national training, competition and recruitment opportunities.  If you have not yet met Alexis, I would encourage you to reach out to her and welcome her to the community (  Know that she will be sending out and posting information on their WEBSITE about NTA’s new water polo program by August 15th.  Alexis, from all of us at NBWP, we’re wishing you great success.

So, for now, it’s so long as I make my move to Northern California this month.  Please don’t be a stranger. I’m just a phone call, email or text away and always welcome hearing from you.  If you’re in NorCal competing, let me know so I can cheer you on and when visiting, know that my home is yours.   I will miss you all terribly, but will carry the memory of our many times together in my heart.  Such great life-long friends, I will see you again…until then, so long.



North Beach Water Polo is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation.